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Ways to keep your home warm this winter

Winter is a chilly time for the UK, but you can keep your home cosy and warm without your energy bills going through the roof. Here are some of our tips to keep you toasty this winter.


Monitor your heating with a Smart meter

Smart meters keep your home at just the right temperature, can be operated remotely and are retro-fitted to your existing boiler. Ensuring you only use the exact energy you need, you can alter the times or temperature if you are delayed in coming home.

Our wide range of boilers are chosen with efficiency in mind, and some models can achieve an A+ ErP package efficiency rating for heating when installed with a Wave smart internet connected control.


Keep the cold out

Don’t let the breezy air from the British winter find its way into your house. Try tucking your curtains behind the radiators while the heating is on, get draught excluders for cracks in doors and windows, and keep doors shut to avoid heat escaping to rooms you aren’t using.

Radiator reflectors can help maximise the hard work your boiler is doing to heat the home by reflecting wasted heat from your radiators into the liveable areas of the room. These are available at most hardware and DIY stores and online.


Loft insulation & double glazing

Even if your boiler is efficient, heat can still escape from your home in other ways. Depending on the type, loft insulation can sometimes be a DIY activity and is well-worth the work to get your home feeling warmer, and to lower your energy bills.

Double glazing is a slightly bigger task, but does a great job at keeping heat inside the home, as well as reducing outside noise, damp and mildew. Both options complement your boiler’s hard work during the winter months, and may also improve the value of your home!


Service or update your boiler

A regular boiler service is important to ensure your boiler is safe, efficient and less likely to break down. Regular checks and maintenance will keep your boiler running well, and improve its lifetime. Improving your boiler’s efficiency will also mean lower energy bills, and a reduced impact on the planet.

If you need to replace your boiler, we offer a high quality service and wide range of options for boiler installation. Providing top-rate boiler installation and boiler servicing to the Cambridge, Suffolk and East Anglia areas, we take pride in our reliable service and ensure your new boiler is efficient and safe.

We understand that new boilers can be a large and sometimes unexpected investment for a household, so we offer interest free finance options. Get in touch with us today to discuss heating and boiler installation, boiler servicing and boiler replacement for your home.