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Reasons for Upgrading Your Boiler

Upgrading your boiler can sound like a long and tedious task but in reality its a straightforward change that can reduce your energy consumption and, in the long run, save you money. Here are our top five reasons for updating your boiler.

Improving your home’s efficiency

You may think your current boiler is “ticking along” and has years of life left in it but avoiding updating an older model of boiler could inevitably cost you more money long term. Sticking with your older boiler can mean increased repairs, and increased energy usage, which will lead to increased utility expenses and higher bills!

Avoid Emergency Repairs

No one loves waking up in the morning to a freezing cold house and no hot water! Ensure you won’t be let down, invest in upgrading your boiler and try to do this in a warmer month so that you won’t have to worry about dreaded emergency repairs at the most inconvenient of time.

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Shrink Your Boiler And Expand Your Space

Modern boilers are far smaller than their older counterparts. This means they are no longer taking up large sections of your house that you need to work around. By upgrading your boiler to a newer sleek and smaller model, you can have it moved to a discreet place, out of the way.

Ensure The Safety Of You And Your Family

To avoid issues and potentially hazardous implications such as carbon monoxide poisoning, boilers need to comply with the relevant safety legislation and be maintained regularly. Boilers need to be serviced every year to make sure they are working safely and correctly. By updating your boiler you run less of a risk of harmful toxins being released into your home by an older boiler.

Newer Boilers Are Kinder To The Environment

Older style boilers are well known for using huge amounts of fuel to keep functioning. They are loud and noisy and waste heat in your home. By upgrading your boiler to a newer, more efficient boiler you are helping reduce your carbon footprint by using a system that will cut down on the wastage of fuel and heat. You can also be kinder to the environment by using a star meter in your home which will show you how much energy you might be wasting, and how you can save money as well as helping to save the planet.]

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