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What is the right boiler for my home?

Buying a new boiler is a sizeable investment. So, it is important to choose a boiler that meets your home requirements and your needs. Spending a lot of money on your new boiler doesn’t necessarily mean that you have chosen the best one for the job. However, doing your research into what is the best boiler will not only be cheaper to run, but also easier to use.

Factors to keep in mind

There are some key factors that you should pay attention to before taking a step forward: the type of boiler that you would like to install at home and its size. One of the choices you will make when buying a boiler is the fuel type. You can choose from main gas, LPG, oil and electric.

Types of fuel

The most common type of fuel used throughout the UK is currently gas which allows you to have hot water instantly and it does not require a hot water storage tank. However, LGP and oil require you to have cylinders or a tank outside of your home.

Choosing an electric boiler gives you a few different options such as direct acting boilers which warms up your water thanks to an electrical resistance; storage electric boilers which stores hot water in a tank and is typically more expensive than other options; electric CPSU designed to store a large amount of water quickly and is geared towards commercial properties and finally, dry core storage boilers, that utilises cheap energy at night to store heat in bricks.

Types of gas boilers

When it comes to gas condensing boilers, there are three main types to choose from: combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers.

Combi boilers are the most popular choice in the UK. Its popularity is increasing because of its performance. It doesn’t need a water storage tank or a hot water cylinder and instead heats the water straight from the mains. It could be an economical option as well as being a space-saving option thanks to its small and compact size. It is ideal to suit the needs of small houses with one bathroom.

System boilers require a water cylinder tank. These boilers are thought to meet high hot water demands providing a constant supply of hot water without reducing the pressure. It’s ideal for homes with more than one bathroom and it’s cheap to run. System boilers can also be used as an alternative to combi boilers in areas where the pressure is too low.

Regular boilers also known as traditional or conventional boilers, are ideal for big houses with a large number of bathrooms where a high volume of hot water is used at the same time.


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