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The government has recently announced an updated set of regulations, called Boiler Plus, that will need to be adhered to with any new boiler install from April 2018. The regulations mean that there will be a higher set of energy efficiency measures on new boilers than seen in previous years. All boilers installed from April 2018 onwards will need an…
In February of this year, an urgent report released by MPs stated that the government's planned cap on energy bills should be introduced as an urgent measure to stop energy companies overcharging their customers. The select committee went on to state that competition between the energy companies was not working, and was failing to provide fair prices for consumers. Reports…
Finding out your boiler needs to be replaced can be a scary, sometimes unexpected prospect, that can be quite stressful and expensive. We understand the stress and worry that something like this can bring for homeowners and had been looking for a solution for some time. By working with Hitachi Capital (UK) Plc, Heating Company has devised a way to…
Hello and welcome to our new website! We've had a refresh and a rejig and are happy to introduce you to our new website, which showcases everything we do here at Heating Company, who we are, what we do and how we can help clients both residential and commercial. We've also had a bit of a refresh to our brand…
The newest recruit to the Heating Company team is Graeme. We'll be giving you more information on those people working on the ground at Heating Company, the people that you'll meet either on the phone, if you pop to our office, or even around your home, to fix your heating issues. Graeme is a domestic Oil, Gas, LPG & Plumbing…
Our new look and feel is coming, and as you'll see on our new website, which is due to go live next year, we're unveiling a new look and feel across Heating Company. This extends to our team's vans when they're out on the road as you'll see us sporting an updated vehicle fleet! Our new grey vans, are all…